Today my clients do expect 3d renderings. Gone are the days showing the deck outlined on a piece of grid paper.

A 3d rendering will help us visualize how the project how it will look when it is built. We send our clients a top view showing the dimensions and a few 3d renderings taken from different angels and heights In most cases, we add furniture, grill, and people and landscaping to give a feeling of the scale. Upon request we can do a full backyard design together with lighting, pool and other accessories.

Below are just a few samples of previous clients. We have over 2000 designs on file.

Dalal RLA 3.jpg
Dalal RLA 10.jpg
Dalal RLA 12.jpg
Villella RLA 3.jpg
Design B-1.jpg
Design A-2.jpg
Clubhouse rendering 1.jpg
evening shot.jpg
Rajiv RLA 10.jpg
Bollinger Almond RLA 1.jpg
Newburger V2 RLA 2.jpg
Gupta RLA 5.jpg
Gupta RLA 23.jpg
Sofat 2018 RLA 5.jpg
Sofat 2018 RLA 4.jpg
Andrea Poolhouse RLA 21.jpg
Andrea Poolhouse RLA 25.jpg
Bauder RLA 8.jpg
Black RLA 11.jpg
Black RLA 14N.jpg
Diggins RLA 13.jpg
Diggins RLA 38n.jpg
Diggins RLA firepit 1.jpg
Drewellos RLA 5.jpg
Drewellos RLA 14.jpg
Masters RLA 5.jpg
Masters RLA 9.jpg
Morone RLA 1.jpg
Roberts RLA 16.jpg
Scalia RLA 8.jpg
Scheerer RLA 2.jpg
Scheerer V2 RLA 3.jpg
Wang RLA 6.jpg