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President of Fine Decks Inc.

Building furniture as a hobby in the early 80s he started building decks for family and friends. Soon deck building became a part-time business.

Today, it’s a career in which Clemens attention to detail has paid off during his 25 plus years as a professional deck designer and builder.

Attending annually deck shows and seminars to keep up with the latest technologies in the deck industry, Clemens is a industry speaker for the deck, dock and railing industry at deck expo seminars.

In addition he dedicates time to answering questions on numerous deck forums.

With over 2400 projects done in the last 25 years, Clemens interest and knowledge in the industry is unmatched

Today he operates 2 crews.

Besides building decks, Clemens passion is photography and teach deck builders and other construction workers how to photograph their work trough workshops and seminars.

If you are interested to look at some of his work as a landscape photographer here is a link to his website: